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What is it? And there’s a lot here for sale or being used? @trendingdominant


i love how everyone has like a second personality when they’re having sex, like they just totally change

like, you could meet like the sweetest most innocent looking person but as soon as they’re in the bedroom all this crazy dirty talk comes out.. or a really loud rough person is secretly into super slow soft sex.. or the guys that just seem really shy/gentle and then they’re into choking and punishment. 

idk it’s just so cute. 

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hes so cuteeee 

As expected, once she had arrived at the hotel room she chose to carry out the session in, she was stripped and restrained instantly. Even as the ball gag was put in place to stop her screams from resounding throughout the hotel, all she could think about was the orgasms in store. It was only when the vibrator was strapped to her that she realised this could be more intense than expected; the way it clasped so tightly to her already wet pussy made her tingle at the thought of not being able to escape the vibrations.
As she had requested, the man who tied her did not interact with her, he simply made sure she was secured and helpless to stop the vibrator from working her body relentlessly. It was only after the first orgasm hit her hard and suddenly, that she realised just how much of an effect having such unyielding vibrations against her post-orgasmic clitoris truly would be. Having thought that the sensations would rise and fall again and again, this was a shock; to feel the vibrations drill through her clitoris was too much to handle. Each orgasm afterwards seemed to hit harder than the last, no matter how much she tried to scream out and pull on the restraints, nothing would give in. Orgasm after orgasm torn from her body without mercy, this was what it was to truly be forced to orgasm.
This was a joyous torment that she had long fantasised about, never expecting it to become a reality, yet if she knew it would feel like this, never would she have selected the service to last for the whole night.



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